About The Center

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We know that getting ready for your surgery can feel overwhelming. In this section of our website you’ll find answers to the questions and concerns we most commonly hear. Our FAQs address a variety of topics. Visitors can also use this section to access the Pennsylvania Eye and Ear Surgery Center Patient Survey, which is integral to ensuring continuity of care. Patients are also invited to explore the other valuable educational information we have detailed and linked below.


  • Insurance Card
  • Blue Eye Bag (Cataract patients only)
  • Glasses case (If you wear glasses)

Please do NOT bring the following with you on the day of surgery

  • Jewelry, Watches, Rings, Wallets, or Valuable items.

Be sure to bring your Blue Eye Bag with all of your eye drops to all follow-up appointments. If you are running low on a certain eye drop, the doctor will prescribe you additional drops as necessary.

Arrival times vary depending on the physician, and the type of procedure that is to be done. There are several preparation items that must be completed prior to your surgery. These items take time and it may seem as though you are waiting for a bit prior to your surgery. We need to assure that we prepare all patients appropriately for surgery, and allow any preoperative medications/eye drops to take full effect prior to starting the surgical procedure.

If your follow-up appointment is already scheduled, or is to occur the following day, the appointment will be listed on your discharge paperwork.

If this information is not listed on your discharge paperwork, please follow up with either Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania or Berks ENT to schedule the appropriate follow-up appointment.

Your driver is welcome to stay at the surgery center during your procedure, however, this is NOT required.

If your driver is planning to leave, it is imperative that they leave a reliable phone number with our Registration staff. We also ask that if leaving, that your driver stay within 15 minutes of the surgery center.

Your driver must be at least 18 years of age or older.

The only way you are able to take a Cab/Uber home is if you have someone over the age of 18 years old accompanying you for the entirety of the Cab/Uber ride.